"We are very pleased with the results! SMRT stations and trains offer us multiple touch points, creating endless possibilities for us to reach out to our target audience. By strategically placing our communications in prominent spots where it can be easily viewed, our message has reached out to a sizeable portion of daily commuters. SMRT Media is proven to be effective in mass interaction and audience activation."

Janice Cai
Account Manager
Adbox Advertising Pte Ltd


"We were able to reach a large group of captive audiences with SMRT’s concept train, and reinforced our new brand message throughout their journeys. We received very positive feedback from the public about the Super Smile campaign in SMRT trains."

Lillian Wong
Marketing Manager
Super Coffee Corporation Pte Ltd


"We launched the latest 2-in-1 Cough & Cold Relief on SMRT’s iBillboards @ Raffles, comprising two large format LED digital screens at Raffles Place MRT Station. This medium allowed us to highlight our fast action and non-drowsy formula in a dynamic and captivating way. The campaign successfully targeted professionals and executives, and raised both awareness and sales."

May Tan
Brand Manager
GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd



"SMRT Media gave us the opportunity to create a synchronised advertising experience across their extensive train and road network. Their expertise and attention to details made outdoor advertising a confident solution for our brands. Outdoor advertising will continue to be an instrumental component of Silkpro’s future marketing and advertising plan, to help us achieve our goal of increasing brand and product awareness, and more. Moving forward, we will definitely choose SMRT Media as an effective platform for our integrated media plan."

Lervinia Swee
Marketing Manager
Tohtonku (S) Pte Ltd


"We are impressed that the linkway advertising space turned out to be more than just a static wall. It allowed us to engage consumers while generating hype for the sustenance phase of our Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE campaign. The Orchard Media Hub Wall combined motion and sound to fully immerse commuters in the S4 experience. Through this and the busy linkway at Somerset, we were able to reach out to shoppers along the prime Orchard Road shopping belt effectively."

Irene Ng
Vice President of Marketing
Samsung Asia Pte Ltd


"We wanted an impactful way to inspire Singaporeans, and help them visualize what colours can do in beautifying their living spaces. SMRT’s train stations have some of the best platforms to portray interesting concepts and designs to engage consumers’ minds. We love how compelling transit advertising is, and are looking forward to greater partnerships."

Josephine Lee
Head of Marketing, Singapore and New Markets
Akzo Nobel Paints Singapore Pte Ltd


“We wanted to show how easily soft furnishings like fabrics, cushions, curtains can brighten up a space in an unassuming everyday environment. The cabins in the SMRT concept train provided us an interesting platform to surprise commuters plus share tips and ideas on creating different looks and styles, using colours and patterns.”

Irene Lau
Regional Marketing Manager
Ikano Retail Asia (IKEA)



“SMRT Media’s iViewSMRT is an effective digital platform to share our campaign to the masses. Located at strategic spots in stations we definitely were able to reach out to our customers island-wide!”

Jasmine Sng
General Manager
Muji (Singapore) Pte Ltd




“The response generated from our Christmas campaign on iViewSMRT was good! The ad, which was displayed on the digital screens island-wide, increased our brand awareness and captured eyeballs for our promotions during the busy festive season.”

Marks & Spencer spokesperson
Marks & Spencer



“iViewSMRT offered us great flexibility in creativity as we were able to showcase a series of digital posters continuously within 30 seconds. Also, being the only outdoor media channel, it is proven to be effective as our enrolment and enquiries increased significantly after the campaign!”

Marconi Ladroma
Education Manager
First Media Design School, Singapore



"The SSO's posters on the SMRT network have earned much praise and positive attention from train commuters and music lovers alike, giving the SSO's new concert season substantial exposure and allowing our national orchestra to reach out to commuters from all walks of life. The exciting combination of audio and video in SMRT’s iView screens also offers commuters a superb glimpse of the SSO's many exciting performances with international guest artists at the Esplanade Concert Hall."

Foo Chen Loong,
Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications
Singapore Symphony Orchestra



“SKM is pleased with the recall result of our ads in SMRT network. The kindness campaign that ran on SMRT concept trains, station panels and iViewSMRT had holistically garnered higher recall rate than some other media that we had allocated higher ad spending.”

Michelle Tay
Associate General Secretary (Public)
Singapore Kindness Movement




“Outdoor ads capture the energetic young. SMRT Media’s variety of transit outdoor platforms has proven to be instrumental for us to connect with our target groups and deliver our branding and tactical messages effectively.”

Jesslyn Aw
Senior Marketing Manager



“We recognise that due to the surge in smartphone usage and digital savvy consumers, QR Code shopping at stations provides instant accessibility for customers to enjoy product offers and exclusive deals at the fastest and most convenient way. It is part of our strategy for 2012 to use SMRT Media as one of the key channels to obtain island-wide presence for our virtual stores”

Carolina Ng
Head, Corporate Marketing Communications




"In line with Tiger Beer's constant strive to develop innovative ways to engage our consumers, we believe that this digital platform will build on Tiger's brand presence, as it enhances our ability to interact with our customers while they are on-the-go.”

Wong Mei Wai
Head of Marketing (Commercial)
Asia Pacific Breweries



“In this time and age of digital advancement, it makes perfect sense for American Tourister to be associated with the SMRT's iMobSMRT.  With its technologically progressive platform, American Tourister will be able to increase its digital presence and awareness, to interact with customers, whilst on the go, conveniently and effortlessly.”

Lorett Urquhart
Communications Head for South East Asia




“…The publicity generated by the MRT posters played a major role in reaching out to the commuting public at high traffic areas …. The amount raised has also exceeded the $1.4 million raised last year.”

Neo Lay Tin
Director, Corporate Partnerships
Children Cancer Foundation



“The extensive reach and frequency in the train network are the key ingredients for us to create powerful and impactful advertising. With so many blockbuster movies launched frequently, SMRT Media constantly provide us with the platforms to distinctively segregate our movie launches from the rest.”

20th Century Fox



“…SMRT Media provided us, with not only the captive audience reach but the flexibility and innovation for our advertising campaigns to stand out from the clutter and more importantly, deliver our message with impact.”

Philip Ho
Head Marketing
Burger King Singapore Pte Ltd



“With our marketing campaigns strategically planned throughout its network, we are confident that our messages will be delivered effectively, thus giving us positive returns on our investment .”

Grace Sng
Business Development Manager



“Our main objective was to increase brand awareness for our Sharp Commercial Monitor and what not a better way to drive this message in a network that has 2.5 daily million passengers! … Simply in words, partnering with SMRT Media, everything is possible!”

Kenshi Suzuki General Manager
Business Equipment Division
Sharp-Roxy Sales (Singapore) Pte Ltd