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Transit Link x Mastercard x WINK+ 

TL Campaign


A WINK+ Gates campaign brought to users in collaboration with Transit Link, Mastercard and LTA!

With our unique feature of virtual touchpoints or WINK+ Gates, this advanced geofencing capability can trigger well-timed, location-based push notifications that increase consumer engagement, we were able to successfully close the online to offline engagement gap.

This latest campaign will feature over 500 gates for commuters to get rewarded with WINK+ points. To prequalify, each player must also download Transitlink Simply Go App and enable their default credit card payment mode.

If they choose Mastercard, users have additional exclusive access to more gates with event higher rewards.

Here’s HOW YOU CAN PLAY and join in this adventure.

  • Head over to the App Store / Play Store to download the Simply Go App
  • Register your Card on the Simply Go app to receive your special code
  • Retrieve your code from your email and enter it on WINK+ App to reveal the WINK+ Gates locations

What’s special about this campaign, is that it’s tied in with the opportunity for you to give back to the community through point conversion into real monetary value for you to donate to the ST School Pocket Money Fund, exchange for travel rebates or purchase from our WINK+ Merchants.

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My Best Christmas Campaign  


My Best Christmas


Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the season to be jolly!
It’s also time to be a Christmas Star!

Welcome to Ace TV…  A purely User Generated Content (UGC) DOOH TV channel aimed to engage the mass public with content created by the mass public audience.

We want to promote authenticity and consumers are more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands themselves. That offers brands an important credibility boost, since most people say less than half of brands create authentic content.

It’s all about creating trust and consumers trust recommendations from people they know. Whether it’s a product, a service, a message or an experience, modern consumers want to know what they’re going to get before they make the ultimate decision and what better way than to hear fellow users’ reviews.

Plus, we will have real-time engagement with our content as well which will be executed through our WINK+ App and Facial Gesture Interactive System capabilities.

This campaign, 3-party collaboration between Stellar Ace, SenseTime and Grid Synergy, aims to deliver the above with this unique “My Best Christmas” Campaign. With all our wide-ranging digital assets on board, Stellar Ace is now in a mass audience reach position to showcase UGC and spread the festive cheers across the island.

Stay tuned to Stellar Ace’s Social Media Platform, @OurStellarAce on Facebook and Instagram, or out Digital Out of Home media platforms, to experience the engagement capability of this campaign.

If you like what you see and hear so far, do connect with us to customize a campaign for your brand and effort just for you.  

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First Party Audience Reach with WINK+ 

WINK influencer

When the last of the third-party cookies exit the ecosystem in early 2022, we will be entering the post-cookie world. Before, they used different technologies and processes to leverage customer data for campaigns and insight generation. But soon, such a piecemeal approach will become obsolete, and the opportunities ahead of them are even more exciting.     

First party data will be king, and a people-based approach will showcase its benefits beyond advertising. CRM strategy will develop sophisticated plans to interact with customers and provide the seamless, meaningful experiences that consumers expect.

Our very own WINK+, cements Stellar Ace’s ability to directly reach the audience with our exclusive first party data access whilst employing a strict governance on every PDPA matters in accordance with Singapore’s guidelines.

The trend of a multiverse audience engagement for the future is currently in the works with the development of our very own Digital Avatar Influencers with a strong 200,000 followers via our WINK+ App.

Shopper Pinky, Cashie Greenie, Chef Reddy and Gamer Bluey were the alter-egos specially created befitting our 4 core Singapore audience personas. These animated avatars will soon be the future SG Ambassadors for brands to drive their brand messages to their active and loyal SG followers.

Are you interested to be part of this new Digital Avatar Revelation and connect your brand to our 200,000 loyal and active followers?

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Project Campus Series 

Bridging Young Minds with Consumer Brands! Tertiary students ideate for SG businesses’ integrated marketing campaigns.

The future of our industry is in the young minds of tomorrow.

The Project Campus Series is Stellar Ace’s belief in developing our industry’s forefront of the future, with the ever-changing creative landscape and the introduction of technology-driven creativity in play.

These young minds can shape it with their valuable insights and ideas by developing integrated marketing, creative and media ideas. The first edition of the series was recently concluded with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) students presenting to non-profit organisation, HomeTeamNS for a launch campaign of an upcoming project.

Four finalist teams squeezed out from a total participation of 10 teams, from NYP’s School of Business Management (SBM), had virtual speed pitch session to present their proposal followed by a round of Q&A exchanges with the judges.

The top winner presented a virtually engaging interaction idea using Augmented Reality (AR) to marry offline and online marketing executions. HomeTeamNS is excited and possibly be looking at producing a hybrid implementation to incorporate the four teams’ ideas as they all had unique and relevant content.

Stellar Ace will be working with HomeTeamNS on an exclusive creative and media entitlement package to “bring to life” the students’ finalised work to the mass audience through our omnichannel out-of-home media assets.

Here’s what our partners had to say:

“The School of Business Management works closely with industry partners to co-create opportunities for our students to hone their skills and build competencies that meet industry needs. We are glad to come onboard this collaboration with HomeTeamNS and Stellar Ace, which allowed our students to develop and present exciting marketing campaign ideas across a wide spectrum - from leveraging VR/AR to relatable humorous content. Working on such real-world projects also help our students hone their problem solving and critical thinking skills, giving them an edge over their peers,” said Esther Ho, Director, School of Business Management, Nanyang Polytechnic.

“The students presented a wide range of creative marketing ideas, which are both intriguing and refreshing. We thoroughly enjoyed their sharing and the exchange of ideas during the presentation session. At HomeTeamNS, we believe that youths are the future of our country who can offer fresh perspectives and opinions on the table. We are glad to be able to play a part in providing a real-world professional platform for them to grow and develop,” said Agnes Eu, Chief Executive, HomeTeamNS. 

Would you be the next Brand for our Project Campus Series 2022?



Ace-plify! your Out-of-Home Advertising! 

How much communication does it take for marketers to influence a potential customer?
This is the question that has plagued marketing specialists until today. We know that one message, one time will not effectively communicate a message.

Think about it…when was the last time you saw a single ad and immediately ran to buy the product? My best guess would be rarely, if ever.

Based on this principle alone, we know that it will take multiple messages, or frequency, to get the job done.

This is where the marketing rule of 7’s comes into play. The marketing rule of 7’s states that a potential customer must see a message at least 7 times before they’ll be provoked to take an action.
So here’s where we want to help achieve this minimum 7 times.

An Exclusive Stellar Ace Support Package just for You! Choose any of our Home-Travel-Eat-Shop Daily Touchpoint assets of your choice.


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Introducing Stellar Ace's Home-Travel-Eat-Shop- Play Ecosystem! 

It's all about the Ad Exposure!  It's all about the Reach to the Audience! It's all about the Audiences Daily Touchpoints!

An unparalleled and connected islandwide Out-of-Home advertising experience with the ability to reach out to over 27 Million Audiences Weekly!

Yes, a daily routine for the consumer starts from leaving their heartland homes, travelling on our buses, trains, or cabs to work/ school, having lunch out with friends at a close by Kopitiam. FoodFare, making a grocery run at a Fairprice Supermarket or a quick buy at Cheers convenience store or Fairprice Xpress petrol station after work and ending the day back at home with some mobile phone entertainment. 

Our offline to online (O2O) digital connectivity across our assets assures the reach and engagement direct to the consumer where their daily lifestyle matters the most.

Let's have a chat on how we can build your brand story across our daily touchpoints.



Media Hub @Orchard - the right medium that drives your advertising message by truly capturing audiences!



The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), having experienced the impact of their successful campaign on Media Hub @Orchard, is back for a second serving of the stretch of digital screen platform located between Ion Orchard and Wisma Atria.

RSAF uses floor stickers to transform the entire walkway into an airplane runway, augmented by a high-resolution video advertisement on the HD digital screen and wall sticker, detailing on the kind of career path available in RSAF. The key objective is to captivate their audience and drive their recruitment message .

“We saw success from the 1st campaign in creating brand awareness using Media Hub @Orchard. It strengthens the message for our RSAF & You: Limitless Together campaign and allows us to showcase the various career opportunities offered by the RSAF. The long landscape digital screens is both immersive and impactful. We enhanced the campaign by including ‘runway floor stickers' to create a dominant and comprehensive RSAF look.” Ms Angelynev Koh, Head Publicity, RSAF Air Manpower Department.

The 1-minute video shows one can tap on different passion such as photography, music, gaming and use that potential to unleash one’s passion with RSAF and the results can be limitless.

To further create awareness on their recruitment awareness campaign, RSAF also bought other mediums on SMRT platforms such as STARis, vending machines digital screens, and Platform Screen Doors at Bugis and Somerset to extend a wider reach. 


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Circles.Life partners XCO Media+ for their first brand activation campaign




XCO Media+ teamed up with Circles.Life, Singapore’s newest telcoto launch their first brand campaign. Using our OptiMaxTM truck along with our network assets, the telco raised brand awareness through four activations at various locations around the island. In today’s crowded market place, XCO’s OptiMaX truck offers brand owners a 3D advertising experience and a travelling activation space. Call us today to find out how you can stand out from your competition.