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Introducing Stellar Ace's Home-Travel-Eat-Shop- Play Ecosystem! 

It's all about the Ad Exposure!  It's all about the Reach to the Audience! It's all about the Audiences Daily Touchpoints!

An unparalleled and connected islandwide Out-of-Home advertising experience with the ability to reach out to over 27 Million Audiences Weekly!

Yes, a daily routine for the consumer starts from leaving their heartland homes, travelling on our buses, trains, or cabs to work/ school, having lunch out with friends at a close by Kopitiam. FoodFare, making a grocery run at a Fairprice Supermarket or a quick buy at Cheers convenience store or Fairprice Xpress petrol station after work and ending the day back at home with some mobile phone entertainment. 

Our offline to online (O2O) digital connectivity across our assets assures the reach and engagement direct to the consumer where their daily lifestyle matters the most.

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Media Hub @Orchard - the right medium that drives your advertising message by truly capturing audiences!



The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), having experienced the impact of their successful campaign on Media Hub @Orchard, is back for a second serving of the stretch of digital screen platform located between Ion Orchard and Wisma Atria.

RSAF uses floor stickers to transform the entire walkway into an airplane runway, augmented by a high-resolution video advertisement on the HD digital screen and wall sticker, detailing on the kind of career path available in RSAF. The key objective is to captivate their audience and drive their recruitment message .

“We saw success from the 1st campaign in creating brand awareness using Media Hub @Orchard. It strengthens the message for our RSAF & You: Limitless Together campaign and allows us to showcase the various career opportunities offered by the RSAF. The long landscape digital screens is both immersive and impactful. We enhanced the campaign by including ‘runway floor stickers' to create a dominant and comprehensive RSAF look.” Ms Angelynev Koh, Head Publicity, RSAF Air Manpower Department.

The 1-minute video shows one can tap on different passion such as photography, music, gaming and use that potential to unleash one’s passion with RSAF and the results can be limitless.

To further create awareness on their recruitment awareness campaign, RSAF also bought other mediums on SMRT platforms such as STARis, vending machines digital screens, and Platform Screen Doors at Bugis and Somerset to extend a wider reach. 


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Circles.Life partners XCO Media+ for their first brand activation campaign




XCO Media+ teamed up with Circles.Life, Singapore’s newest telcoto launch their first brand campaign. Using our OptiMaxTM truck along with our network assets, the telco raised brand awareness through four activations at various locations around the island. In today’s crowded market place, XCO’s OptiMaX truck offers brand owners a 3D advertising experience and a travelling activation space. Call us today to find out how you can stand out from your competition.