Success Stories

Roaring year with Tiger Beer!


The year of the Tiger is everywhere!

Thank you Tiger Beer for making Stellar Ace part of your roarsome year as you uncaged with our TRAVEL and SHOP consumer daily touchpoints.
This is what a seamless digital Out of Home advertising campaign solution experience is all about.

The accentuated pairing of the Tiger with international football icon, Son Heung-Min was creatively executed on our dynamic lightboxes at Somerset Station. We hosted the full campaign ads on our digital screens in Taxis and at the shopping malls.

Did you catch the Tiger-rific experience?

It's time to put your fears aside and pursue your wildest campaign dreams on our connected consumer daily touchpoints reach across our HOME | TRAVEL | EAT | SHOP | PLAY ecosystem

Time to Uncage Your Tiger!

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Brands Reach Precise Audience with Singtel Media

Our latest media assets in Singtel Media are making head waves.
Scalable offline and online solutioning for brand advertisers, maximising ad exposure directly to the audience of their choice

Brand Showcase: 5-hour Energy Drink

5-Hour Energy Drink’s brand campaign was given an energetic boost with the combination of our HOME and TRAVEL daily touchpoints. Singtel TV (HOME touchpoint) and 4 sheets posters in our Train Stations (TRAVEL touchpoint), the brand effectively target PMEBs, Male 4+ and the mass island-wide visibility.

Brands Showcase: Harvey Norman, London Weight Management and Lexus

Singtel Mobile SMS services (PLAY touchpoint) continues to generate smartly targetted audience profiles. Engaging first-party mobile consumers to motivate leads generation.

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Creative innovations beyond static display

Thinking out of the box for OOH static display ad?

Despite Covid, Out-of-Home Marketing is experiencing a renaissance.
A medium that packs a punch for passers-by while also capturing attention from a distance away from the sidewalk, savvy creatives have been perfecting the art of creating innovative, bold OOH for an attention-deficit world.

OOH should be a simple, quick to grasp medium, able to conjure up an instant emotive reaction. If one adds an experimental and interactive element to that, you get some powerful engagement.”

Have you thought about showing your OOH ads differently from the usual 4 sheets poster, wallscapes or even the static display for Platform Screen doors? Ultimately, people want to be entertained. It would also benefit your OOH campaign to incorporate the appropriate tone necessary to elicit a specific response or trigger a reaction.

You may want to develop a series of different OOH messages as part of an overall campaign. This would enable you to incorporate more elements without encumbering the clarity of individual messages. It’s also important to design for an array of canvas sizes and locations. Geofencing key zip codes or trading areas against core audience demographics can help messages target desired consumers.

Research shows that people react to OOH messages and will immediately start an online search when triggered by an OOH ad. Forty-six percent of people search for information after viewing an interesting billboard. With the understanding that 70 percent of decision-making is emotional, every OOH is now a call to action as these campaigns often spark social conversations, especially online.

OOH messaging builds substantial brand awareness over time as refreshing ad creative improves overall ad retention.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative solutions we have delivered for our clients below:

Lenticular on PSDClick visual for video


Cut out display for 4-sheet posters

Light animation with a combination of glossy print on matt stickers - Click visual for video

3D landscape with neon lights 

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Immersive Experience @ Fashion Walkway

Studies show experiences make us happier than physical objects.

It also shows companies that prioritize experiences over products/features have a 200% greater likelihood of referrals and 25% more customer loyalty.

So, no matter what business you’re in, delivering a delightful user experience to your customers might be one of the most important things you do.

Now, imagine walking the underpass that have massive digital screens with sound that stretches across the entire walkway, between Orchard ION and Wisma Atria. With the entire space themed and dressed up, our latest assets improvement will provide the fullest impact for many of our partners such as Balenciaga, Loewe, Tag Heuer, Disney+, Auchentoshan Whiskey, Standard Chartered Bank and RSAF.

The Fashion Walkway (formerly known as Media Hub @Orchard) attracts more than just fashion brands but it has shown effectiveness in providing an immersive experience and impactful for brands that fully transform with the walkway (with floor stickers) to elevate the experience.

As technology evolves it is becoming much easier to create large-scale experiences. That one element we would like to see is the marriage of mediums. Bringing together more traditional techniques and exciting new elements to really amplify creative ideas. Taking the best of two very different worlds to create something that is better than the sum of its parts.

Click here to see video on the space 

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Gesture-to-Vote with Traveloka!

We had to conduct a survey... An interactive digital survey on our out-of-home iView Screens.

Sounds easy, right? Here's the spanner... Enter COVID-19 pandemic and interaction through physical touch became a big no-no.
That's exactly what happened with our client, Traveloka.

The brief was to conduct a survey for our commuters to show their likes for each hotel showcased by Traveloka.

Stellar Ace had to pivot our approach to produce an innovative way to still conduct a survey but utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Gesture-To-Vote was born!

Click on the visual for video illustration

Upon completion, a special QR code will be generated on screen for the respondents to scan and redeem a FREE $15 hotel voucher and these vouchers can be used on top of the SingapoRediscover vouchers.

With the present commuter traffic in our SMRT stations, various demographics were reached allowing for varied responses in line with the different segmentations requested by Traveloka.

Gone are the days of paper and pen surveys with this new way of gathering responses which allowed for a fun engagement with the participants while providing accurate data on the demographics that participated.

This campaign showcased Stellar Ace's future ready capability through our technological advancements, data insights collection.

With user experience aimed to be quick and easy, we were able to provide a replacement execution which supports the safety measures that are still active today.

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Mobile Retargeting Drives Footfall for McDonald's!

Mobile Retargeting is not a new digital marketing capability…
…But what if you could link up the Offline-To-Online (O2O)? 

Stellar Ace has the largest and widest Offline assets which could host a myriad of impactful large format static or digital ad spaces.

For that reason, McDonald’s recognised the strong presence of our assets and positioned their brand ads strategically at locations close to their restaurants to imprint awareness and impulse visitations to contribute to their footfalls.

But we didn’t stop there. It's time we shared our O2O solution in assuring a targeted and measurable reach audience in bridging the consumer engagement gap.

Stellar Ace and our partner Near, the largest source of intelligence on people and places, provided McDonald's with the solution which they couldn't say no to.

Click on the visual for video illustration

With the aim to reach audiences, increase traffic and overall footfall, the collaboration brought together the strengths of Stellar Ace’s Out-Of-Home (OOH) media assets paired with Near’s mobile retargeting technology, we were able reach audiences in Singapore at different touchpoints. 

This approach provided an end-to-end media solution for our clients – from our OOH assets as exposure, to Near’s amplified messages via mobile advertising through geotargeting. Enhancing the brand recall of the OOH advertisement as the audience has already been exposed to the ad on their mobile screen. Hence, this campaign method elevated the “stickiness” of the brand across the different platforms and reinforcing our client’s brand top of mind recall.

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Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2020 - Smile to Vote


Objective: To promote Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2020 with technology

A total average “Smile Vote” of 29.72% of viewers was achieved at the end of this project! 
There were a total of 38.1% male viewers and 61.9% female viewers for the campaign, and detect a total of 44,300 passers-by the panel.



Yeo’s Campaign for CNY 2012 - YHS Singapore Pte Ltd



81.8% recalled the ads in MRT stations, especially platform screen doors.

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Formula One 2010 - Singapore Grand Prix Pte Ltd

87.7% respondents recalled the advertisements in the MRT stations and Media Hub Wall @ Orchard made the most impactful impression.

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VISA Campaign For SYOG - Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd 







More than 95% respondents recalled the advertisements in the stations especially the Platform Screen Doors and Wall Stickers.

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Tourism Malaysia Branding Campaign - Tourism Malaysia





75.9% of the respondents recalled the advertisements.

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