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London Olympic – SMRT Media Platform Screen Doors and Large Format Lightbox

Brands are drumming up the Olympics fever with SMRT!

As early as March this year, Visa, Official Olympic Game Sponsor, began its “Go World” campaign with international athletes, such as Michael Phelps and Tao Li, in SMRT trains and station. The campaign illustrates the energetic spirit and Visa’s vision to unite the world through sports.

In June, Panasonic, the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in Audio and Visual Equipment, also shared the excitement of the games on our platform screen doors. The series of ads showcased various sports disciplines with Panasonic’s products and gadgets in a creative way.

Let’s count down to the Olympics 2012 together!

Yeo Campaign – SMRT Media Recall Results Platform Screen Door, Large Format Lightbox and Panels

Yeo’s returned to SMRT stations this year with their Chinese New Year outdoor advertising campaign. The campaign, featuring their signature range of Asian beverages, received an outstanding ad recall score of 81.8%*. Compared to last year’s campaign, there was an increase of 9.5%* in total ad recall at stations or trains!

Their advertising messages were seen across a variety of our media offerings like platform screen doors, large format lightboxes and 6 sheet posters.

*Source: Forbes Research Pte Ltd

Madagascar – SMRT Media Media Hub Wall and Concept Train

Europe’s most wanted were spotted in SMRT’s network!

In June, commuters and shoppers were treated to a preview of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted at Media Hub Wall @ Orchard. One side of the 18-metres wall was dressed up with colourful images of the movie’s characters, whilst the other side had the movie’s captivating trailer played throughout the day. Together, the Media Hub Wall @ Orchard created an immersive experience of a movie theatre and prompted kids and parents to stop for a picture.


The movie’s well-liked characters were also featured in Skippy Peanut Butter’s latest campaign that started in May. Displayed on train window stickers and hangers in 7 trains, the ads delighted commuters on board with the adorable characters’ images and a chance to win a cruise trip.

Be wild with your creativity and create experiential campaign with SMRT Media now!

Giordano – SMRT Media Concept Station
Mango – SMRT Media Escalator Planter and Ambient
Bossini – SMRT Media Concept PlatformBossini – SMRT Media Concept Platform
Massimo Dutti – SMRT Media Media Hub Wall and Linkway
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1. What is the recall rate for Yeo’s Chinese New Year campaign this year?

2. How long is Media Hub Wall @ Orchard?

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